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            LiUNA provides free training to all of its members. Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve on existing skills, there is training for you. More here.


            LiUNA Locals and Training Centres are located in communities across Canada. Find one near you here.

            Visit our headquarters
            in Washington DC here


            LiUNA International Vice President and Regional Manager

            Welcome to the LiUNA Central and Eastern Canada Region!
            I have been a proud member of the Labourers' International Union of North America for over thirty-seven years; a union with a rich history advocating for worker's rights across North America. LiUNA is a union that strives first and foremost for the needs of our members and their families, focusing on job creation, better wages and safer working conditions, building better futures, together.
            LiUNA provides members with innovative skilled training, negotiating the best salaries and benefits, and pride ourselves on our strong 'no-strike' record. At LiUNA we work for our members remaining positive, proactive and progressive.
            Brothers and Sisters, today is a very important time in LiUNA's History. Canadians have a new Federal Government in place who?understand the importance of putting significant resources into re-building and building new infrastructure projects. With an increased focus on infrastructure by our Governments, we have a collective duty to grow our local unions and to ensure many good paying jobs for LiUNA members across North America. We will continue to strengthen our great membership through collective agreements, not only for infrastructure projects, but major roads, highways, and subways whether ICI or residential.We have the most productive and safest construction workforce in the country which is credit to LIUNA's investment in skills training and health & safety. As of 2015, LiUNA has one of the Top Ten fastest growing Multi-Employer Pension Plans in Canada, and we will continue to strengthen this great organization ?to ensure LiUNA members have a voice and have a better future.
            The basic principles of unionism are LiUNA's day-to-day mantra. it is important to be protected, it is important to have a voice and it is important to be heard. LiUNA, Feel the Power! ?
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